Making Blanket

Herder DJ’s wife gestured to me one day that they would make a wool blanket that day and I should film them.

The day before, I helped the women cut sheep wool – cut off the hard, twisted tips with scissors and then fluffed them up so they were ready to be used.

Early in the morning, the wife directed me to another tent where she had patted down a big sheet of wool. She kept adding more while I filmed. Women back in her family tent kept up with the wool supplies.

When the whole sheet was nicely covered, the daughter came in with two other women. They rolled the sheet, tied it up, set it on the grass, and rolled it as if it’s a giant rolling pin.

To keep the rhythm, they started singing. Later I found out they were simply counting numbers from 1 – 100. That has to be the best sounding number counting I’ve ever heard.

The roll got thinner and thinner in the sound of women singing. I recorded the sound separately. It was fascinating to me how they worked and the women had good laughs seeing me puzzled at the beginning. Many hundreds and many laughters later, the blanket started to take shape. From fluffy sheep fur to strong blanket, all hand powers.

The wife sprayed more of the whey and water mix to the blanket and let it cure for the night.

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