Monthly Archives: September 2013

It shall continue

Many days of translation work in Langmusi. The driver’s son was my new translator, he was great.

Village heads, Daerji, etc. came in to discuss bringing the restoration organization to their land. They love the idea but the upper bureaucracy is not helping their cause. They are more concerned about their own position. They even threaten the herders to withhold future government aids, which most likely would not be given to them anyway, if they accept outside help.

Humans are greedy, herder DJ said in his interview. The land is blessed, but people have changed.

Something needs to be done there for sure, I’m not sure which ways are the right ways to help them. The local politics is more problematic than I have the mental capacity to deal with.

Finish the film first, something will work out, help will come in one way or the other, I believe.