It has always been difficult for the herders to talk on camera. Daerji luckily wasn’t too shy so it was easy with him. He talked about what he wanted his children to become. The factorial stuff about the desert is probably enough from just one or two persons. I still like the personal stories better.

It was a pleasant surprise that the wife agreed to talk as well. I liked her look and voice. And I liked it that there were so much contrasts between her and her daughter. She spoke in a somewhat helpless way, very moving.

I couldn’t get the daughter to speak. A bit disappointing but I have to live with that fact.

My batteries ran out when the interviews were done and I tried to film just a bit more. Dealing with limitations, developing expectations and having expectations broken are all part of the process.

An older herder with some Mandarin came to visit Daerji and he told me they had no outside visitors to their summer pasture. He said he dared not do something like this himself and he commended me for what I do. If nothing else, at least I am having a unique life experience. And I shall be pleased with that.

Life is short, Art is Long, Live Difficulty — I miss Les and his inspiration immensely.

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