Stories and such

Finally rained, but mostly sun shower. I went up early to film the storytelling and had some interview questions written down.

Ah-Che was working at his workshop. He looked a bit spaced today, maybe from the tiring trip up the mountain village. I waited for the sister’s husband to come with the kids and the son. I asked him a few questions. He was too camera shy. I got his points though.

Someone from over the other side of the mountain came with a piece of hardwood for the crossbow. Ah-Che wrapped it in big palm leaves, buried that under the fire ashes, and we had a big fire heating the wood up. The sister’s family showed up. We did four stories. Two were interesting. With more time to spare, I did the interview questions too. It’s a struggle to bring them out of a discussion to try to explain things to me but just let Ah-Che talk without interruption. Some of the sound wasn’t clean. And once the kids came back, it was all over. I probably need another session, but time is running short already.

On my way out of the village, Ah-Ye, the young guy who attempted to learn from Ah-Che last year caught me on his moto taxi and we rode to the city together. He is learning to drive and thinking about getting a taxi car. I’ll stop by his place for a few questions on Sunday.

Time to transcribe those stories and questions/answers.

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