TV man

Drizzled a bit in the morning. Nice mists half way up the mountain.

When I showed up at Ah-Che’s house, the TV man made an unexpected (at least to me) visit. Yes, a TV man. He tuned the satellite dish while the little ones watched from upstair. A bamboo house and TV don’t seem to be able to co-exist but they do here. It would definitely help me show a story, especially as soon as the picture appeared on the TV screen, it was some crazy disco dance singing “this is happiness”. The TV man spoke fine Mandarin, anyone with some education could speak some here.

Ah-Che soon came back from the field, he used the money from those knives to hire an ox-puller to plow the field. I’ve already had some shots of others doing that so I decided I could skip these scenes of him.

After lunch, I went up the mountain to get some general shots of people working in the field. I need to restrain from doing too much pretty sceneries though.

One more day before music playing.

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