Taking a Break

Another sunny morning. I felt it would be a good time for a break. I was getting a bit tired, needing a shower, and my senses were getting a bit dull. Filming is an intense experience. I could only hold the focus for so long.

The way out seemed easier than coming in. Daerji took a little different path. The bad section was still muddy with knee high water but it didn’t feel very long.

A tragedy struck the village the day before. A group of people tried to crossed the Yellow river to Maqu, a short cut from their pasture than going many more times the distance by land, and their overloaded boat sank, killing seven people, four in one family. Zuba was busy handling the case so didn’t have time to meet me. Daerji arranged a driver to take me back to Langmusi. We took the back road, through the mountains. It was a gorgeous drive.

Qijia came to do translation. It was much smoother this time. He is experienced now. Things have also gotten better for Sangku’s wife. They would return home in a couple of days while I worked on translation.

Zuba and a few from his village also came to Langmusi and we met. I told them about the restoration idea I had already told Daerji. They seemed lukewarm. Hopefully my good intension would generate some good results.

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