A Year Has Past

It is frightening to say the least, a year has past but I’m extremely grateful I’m here again, in Langmusi, getting ready to go to the summer pasture to film again. I lost my phone but all the connections found themselves back and I knew I was welcomed at all the villages and families — that’s a great feeling.

Sangku’s brother Jai who teaches at a college in Hezuo helped me with the translation and even volunteered to come to do the presentation with me. All the grassland restoration connections came rather quickly, in May and June and all looked very promising. I’m hoping that this opportunity of hope I am bringing to them would help both them and me — them for a chance to heal their land, me a chance to finish my film.

So much happened in one year. Mom was ill and we were all frightened. Amazingly, she is feeling great these days. Hope that continues for a long long time. I lost my biggest support, Les. I switched a sponsor and had a producer, sort of, with no breakthrough funds so far. I made a promise in front of Les’ grave that I would finish this film. I have to stick to my words, no matter what.

Langmusi is littered with new construction sites. The flower lady’s shop is gone, and so does the tea/dance bar by the river. A few more new hotels. The price for my quaint little hospataje almost doubled. The older Muslim couple are still very nice and kind, they gave me a little bit of discount and invited me to have dinner together.

Sangku came to pray at the Monastary. Yidan was sick in the local hospital. We met briefly. He would make arrangement for me to go to the pasture. Talked to Zuobaja as well and also Darji — I’ll go to their village first while Sangku takes care of Yidan. It will all work out.

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