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June 2012 – Rain

I made it back to Langmusi the first week in June. Shike rode me to town on his motocycle from the bus drop at the main road. Nothing seems to have changed much here except a few more shops are open now and the occasional foreign backpackers on the street.

Very cloudy when I arrived and rain came soon after I settled in. The good rain for the grass is bad rain for my filming attempt. Waiting has becoming the norm for me.

The golden roofed monastery is right outside my window. Not far away is the sky burial platform where turkey vultures circled around. At times, my whole endeavor feels too overwhelming, and then, some chance encounters to old friends on the street made me feel better. A successful call to Sangji adds another level of hopefulness — he will ask around and see where will be horse festivals I can go film.

Let it rain for the grass and the yaks, but let it stop for me to go down to the herders …