Intro to Old Herder’s family

Moving finally in two days. Sanji took me to the old herder’s place in their winter pasture. I wanted to get to know them a bit before starting to follow them.

It was nice and sunny. Their black yak-hair tent was actually quite breezy because they can flip the side up and let air in. The old herder’s daughter in-law did all the work — milking the yak, making butter and cheese, making yak-hair rope, tightening the tent when it got windy, making dinner, making yogurt, feeding dogs, drying yak dungs, …. The men including Sanji played chess all day long. When the daughter in-law was working the yak hair into thread, the light and color on her face was very lovely. This family would be a good addition to the story.

Sanji will go to the nearby city to buy me a small tent. After they move to their summer pasture, they will be much closer to the desert.

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